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Trending Now – Change of Season Upgrades

Gene and Katie Hamilton
Gene and Katie Hamilton

A recent analytics report shows both laptop and mobile visitors are interested in the same home improvements – upgrades to the exterior of their homes. Whether viewed from a laptop, tablet or mobile phone, here are links to projects that site visitors want to know more about including the cost and what’s involved.

The two building projects are a pet-friendly Invisible Dog Fence and a practical solution to outdoor storage, a Wood Yard Shed both worthy additions to your property.

Wherever it’s located a railing has home safety and sure footing in mind and the cost to replace an Iron Railing at the front or rear entry of a home is popular.

A freshly Sealed Asphalt Driveway is very much in sight and an attractive addition to a home while protecting the surface with a long lasting finish.

And as the weather changes to thoughts of staying indoors with a wood-burning fireplace, Cleaning a Chimney is a safety precaution to take. And a good strategy to keep critters out of that chimney is to install a Chimney Cap.

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