Leviton USB charging device

Make a Wall Outlet a USB Charger for Devices

Let’s face it – charging cell phones, e-readers, digital cameras and other electronic devices is a part of everyday life, so why not make it easy with a charger installed in a wall where it’s conveniently located? We found a two-port device by Leviton that fits in a standard outlet that features a smart chip that recognizes and optimizes the charging power of devices for fast and efficient charging.

This device eliminates the tangle of charging cords and clutter on a kitchen counter or desk and can be installed by a handy do-it-yourselfer or by an electrician. Your decision is where to make the swap from a standard outlet that’s located in a convenient location with a counter, shelf or cabinet where you can leave the devices while charging. If you have a lot of devices to power up consider getting a USB charger with four ports.

To install a two-port USB charger an electrician will charge $100 which includes the labor and the device. If you have experience working with electrical projects and electrical tools you can buy the device for $25 and install it, and save 75 percent. You’ll find the devices sold at home centers and online.

Before you begin read the manufacturer’s directions thoroughly and turn off the source of power at the electric panel.

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