Crossword puzzles

House Word Crossword Puzzles

Some people might say I have an obsessive personality and can go bonkers when I start a new project. My husband points to a few years ago when I went on a crossword puzzle making craze. It was early Spring and we were on our boat cruising the Panhandle of Florida. A cold front kept us at a marina in Pensacola so while Gene did boat chores and little fix ups I downloaded Crossword Compiler, nifty software that creates crossword puzzles. I was obsessive, I admit and the end result is the forty 15-square house word puzzles that I created all relating to home improvements. We mounted them on our website and the rest is history. Turns out visitors are as obsessive about crossword puzzles as I am.

The puzzles are designed to test your house word prowess and range from architecture to energy saving to decorating to real estate. The word teasers are interactive so you can work them online or you can print out a few if you prefer a pencil and pen challenge. On the right click on the link “HOME IMPROVEMENT CROSSWORD PUZZLES” and get started.