Easy Felt Ornament to Make with the Kids

Felt Ornament
. Felt Ornament

Make this charming and colorful ornament out of contracting colors of scrap felt in minutes – a terrific kid’s craft for the holidays. This bright red and white checkerboard ornament will brighten up any tree. It’s as inexpensive as the cost of scrap pieces of felt and as easy to create as cut and assemble. The heart is made of two identical pieces of folded felt that you weave together to create the checkerboard design.

Download the pdf file of the shape found at Felt Ornament to cut out the shapes and follow the cutting lines. You’ll find the complete instructions there to create these colorful and festive ornaments.

These are the materials you need: Red and White felt (9×12-inch piece .35 cents), Scrap cardboard, Scissors, Polyester fiber fill, Ribbon or button, Yarn or ribbon scrap, Tacky glue, pencil, needle and white thread.

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Happy Holidays!