DIY Car Care

Auto Boot Camp for DIYers

Dan Wittek, Technical Service Supervisor teaches us how to tune up a fuel system.

We just returned from St. Paul, Minnesota where the team at 3M’s Auto Care division took us through the paces of how to take care of our cars. Gene and I were part of a group of 30 journalists and bloggers who learned just how easy it is to maintain a car and keep it running right and looking good.

For any DIY homeowner who likes to save money doing decorating and repair projects, the next step is to manage their cars which need the same kind of TLC as a house. While being a car enthusiast seems to come naturally to some of us, many homeowners aren’t prone to tinker with the vehicles that gets them where they want to go. But maybe they should be. What’s more important than understanding how and why the systems of a car require routine maintenance? Just like a furnace needs its filter changed to run efficiently, a car’s fuel system needs attention to remove sludge to keep it operating at peak performance.

DIYers are comfortable learning new techniques to decorate their homes and it’s never been easier to makeover a car with restoration products. We saw demonstrations by the 3M team of specialists who transformed scratches into shiny flawless surfaces and dirty interior leather and vinyl into like-new condition. We watched how easy it is to restore degraded headlights so they not only look good, but allow more light to reach the road, a real safety factor. All these DIY projects saved the homeowner the expense and inconvenience of having their car serviced.

Consumers are keeping their cars for longer than they used to so these DIY auto car products make it easy to repair, restore and maintain them. Here’s a link where you’ll find more information and a How-to Center with videos and tips.