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Wallpapering Advice from a Pro Paperhanger

Gene and Katie Hamilton
Gene and Katie Hamilton

Wesley Barras of Total Wallpaper in Richmond, Texas has some advice he’d like to share with homeowners about the fine art of paper hanging. Here’s what he suggests.

Ordering Wallpaper: Two sheets of the exact same wallpaper can look slightly off if they were run through the printing press at different times so order a little more than you think. If you run out before completing a job, you may have a difficult time finding your pattern with the specific run number to match what you have.

Buying Online? Order Samples: If you order wallpaper online order samples first because images become pixilated when they are compressed to fit in a website. This means a picture may be slightly different from the real thing and colors can look different.

Priming the Walls: Make sure your contractor or yourself primes the walls with primer or shellac before hanging the wallpaper because wallpaper glue needs a smooth surface to stick to. If you don’t prime the walls, the glue will stick to the drywall which makes removing it a very long and tedious process, and can damage the drywall.

Use this WALLPAPER CALCULATOR to know how much to order:

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Remove Wallpaper and Enjoy the Savings of Grunt Work

One of the best examples of grunt work for a budget-minded homeowner is removing wallpaper. It’s not fun, it’s not glamorous, but it is easy and it saves you money when compared with hiring a contractor to do the job. I know because I have too many years of experience removing old, ugly wallpaper from renovating and remodeling houses. It seemed every fixer-upper we
bought had walls covered with at least two layers of the stuff. If it was really old it was easier to remove because it was made of paper and a steamer would soak through to release the wheat paste and a swipe with a wide blade scraper removed it. But wallcovering evolved and became heavier and made of vinyl so steam couldn’t penetrate throught it. Today gels and scoring tools are the best modus operandi.

The idea for our website came from our years of working on houses. The site compares the cost of doing home improvement jobs yourself with hiring a contractor. Here’s our cost analysis for removing wallpaper Remove Wallpaper.