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Spray Paint a Garage for a Fresh Facelift

Spray Paint a Garage

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for even the most ordinary garage. To make short work of the job, consider spraying on the paint instead of brushing or rolling it. The open expanse of wood siding on a one-story garage is the perfect target for a paint sprayer because there’s little masking needed, often the most time-consuming phase of the job.

Finding a paint contractor for such a small job may be difficult. If you’re successful, they’ll charge almost $1,128 to spray paint a typical one-story, two-car garage, but you can do the job for $115, the cost of the paint and primer and renting an airless sprayer. You’ll also need a paintbrush, wide masking tape, drop cloths, hand scraper, sandpaper, garden hose and ladder.

The project involves preparing the siding, which can be as simple as giving it a quick spray from a garden hose, to scraping and sanding any chipped or damaged surfaces. Lay down drop cloths to protect any shrubbery or plantings around the garage from scraped off paint chips. Protect any trim with wide masking tape, then prime any bare wood or repaired areas. Sand the areas so they’re smooth and you’re ready to paint.

When you’re at the rental center, ask for directions to operate the sprayer, especially the adjustable nozzle.

When you’re choosing an exterior paint color for the siding of a garage or house remember it will appear a shade or two darker or more intense than it appears on the paint chart. A color on a large broad expense of siding is bolder and more vibrant than it is on the small sample.

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Painting – Best DIY Project You Can Do

Painting – Best DIY Do Over Job

When we moved into our first house, a small duplex, almost 50 years ago we didn’t know any better. It never occurred to us that we couldn’t paint the rooms, we just assumed we could do it. We were young, poor and fearless and made every mistake in the book. As a matter of fact, that led to a career of writing about home improvements including several of the Dummies© books, one of which is Painting and Wallpapering for Dummies ©. Painting was and remains one of the most popular DIY projects because it is so forgiving. What other projects let you do over your mistake with a swipe of a paint roller or brush?

Decorating with paint is also one of the least expensive ways to transform a room. The living and dining room in our little fixer up had a true personality change with a simple coat of paint which encouraged us to continue painting every room in the house. And painting doesn’t require a large outlay of cash for tools and equipment. Despite the aisle-long wall of painting gadgets and gizmos you can get the job done with the basics of brush, roller and pan, drop cloths and masking tape. Since a gallon of paint goes for about $30 you get a big bang for your buck. At we analyze the cost of home improvement, repair and decorating projects like painting. For example, to paint a 15×20-foot room (900 square feet) with two windows and two doors, a contractor will charge $1,842. A homeowner can do the job for $205, the cost of the paint and materials and save 88 percent. If you’re interested in saving money and upgrading your house, painting is the best DIY job you can do.

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