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Make This Charming Log and Stick Reindeer with the Kids

Diy192a You’re sure to be the envy of your neighborhood with this charming log reindeer on the front porch to welcome guests. Or position him in your garden or on a deck looking inside. Wherever the reindeer resides, he’ll be a popular addition to your holiday tradition. We’ve enjoyed ours for years, and the body parts can be taken apart and easily stored. This building project is especially fun for kids, who can gather all the body parts and assemble them.

Since the reindeer is made of unsplit firewood and tree branches, there’s no cost to make one, but you’ll see them selling for $25 to $50, depending on their size.

Here are some guidelines for the size of their parts: a log that’s 4 to 6 inches in diameter and about 20 inches long will make about a 6-inch head and 12-inch body. For legs, use four 24-inch long, 1-inch diameter branches and a 2-inch diameter branch for the neck. For antlers and a tail, find 1/2-inch branches about 8 to12 inches long.

You’ll need a saw, electric drill with spade bits, utility knife and some wood glue. Cut the firewood to make a body and head, and drill holes at angles for the neck, legs, antlers and tail. Whittle their ends to fit into the holes and glue on some button eyes. Decorate the neck with a colorful bow or bandana.

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October home maintenance

October Home Checklist on New Responsive Site


We begin October with the redesign of that’s responsive to three devices – laptop, tablet and smartphone – to make it more user friendly. We hope visitors find that the new adjustable screen makes using the job cost figures easy to navigate and useful.

On another note, the weather is changing in some parts of the country so it’s a good idea to walk around your house inside and out and observe and inspect. Use these 13 suggestions to keep your house and all its systems working at peak performance.

*Replace filters or wash permanent ones in heating system
*Change batteries in carbon monoxide and smoke detectors
*Reset programmable thermostat
*Clean and inspect gutters and downspouts
*Clean and store outdoor furniture and decorations
*Wash window glass, frames and sill
*Clean out weep-holes in sliders and change screen to storm panel
*Wash storm door frame and replace storm panels
*Remove portable air conditioner unit
*Clean and store lawn equipment and tools
*Winterize sprinkler system and drain and turn off outdoor water spigots
*Plant spring flowering bulbs
*Clean up fallen leaves, pine needles etc. from lawn and garden beds, build up soil with slow-release fertilizer and mulch plants for winter protection

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“Home Safe Home” Gift Ideas and Holiday Decorations

Want to give a meaningful gift to someone this Christmas? Here’s our take on three safety-related items every homeowner should have.

A fire extinguisher should be in every kitchen since stove fires are a major source of home fires. I admit we don’t have one but we have the next best thing called Tundra, a fire extinguishing spray. It’s not big and cumbersome so it’s easy to handle. To use the fire extinguishing spray point and spray it at any type of fire. Keep one handy in the kitchen, workshop or anywhere a fire might occur to keep everyone safe in a family friendly home. You’ll find them sold at home centers for about $25.

A weather radio, with an efficient hand turbine, LED light, clock and cell phone charger via USB, is a must-have item for stormy weather conditions to keep you informed and cell phones operational. We like the Eton American Red Cross Axis AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio that costs $70 at Brookstone.

The best defense against shock for a handy homeowner working on an electrical project is a Digital Multimeter, versatile device that allows you to safely determine if voltage is present while you’re doing any electrical repair or installation. The one we use is from Radio Shack and costs $36.

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Last Minute Christmas Ornament for Kids to Make

Felt Ornament
. Felt Ornament

Make this charming and colorful ornament out of contracting colors of scrap felt in minutes – a terrific kid’s craft for the holidays. This bright red and white checkerboard ornament will brighten up any tree. It’s as inexpensive as the cost of scrap pieces of felt and as easy to create as cut and assemble. The heart is made of two identical pieces of folded felt that you weave together to create the checkerboard design.

Download the pdf file of the shape found at Felt Ornament to cut out the shapes and follow the cutting lines. You’ll find the complete instructions there to create these colorful and festive ornaments.

These are the materials you need: Red and White felt (9×12-inch piece .35 cents), Scrap cardboard, Scissors, Polyester fiber fill, Ribbon or button, Yarn or ribbon scrap, Tacky glue, pencil, needle and white thread.

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Happy Holidays!