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Save Money on DIY Bathroom Upgrades

Gene and Katie Hamilton
Gene and Katie Hamilton

All the home improvement trends and industry numbers say remodeling is on the upswing and the worst of the housing crisis is behind us. Our bet is that a lot of money will be spent on bathroom replacement products like new cabinetry, wallcovering, accessories and towels that will give the room a facelift.

Old fixtures can be swapped with the existing ones that are more attractive and energy efficient. For instance our audience is very interested in replacing their bathtub walls with a new tile surround which can be an impressive upgrade. Almost as many are considering replacing an unused bathtub with a walk in shower, another option. To get an idea of what 20 of the most popular upgrades are and how much they cost go to Costing Out Bathroom Upgrades where you’ll find the cost data to compare how much it costs to do it yourself with hiring a contractor.

Look around the site and you’ll find hundreds of projects and how much they cost. On a smartphone use our mobile site