Gift Ideas for a D-I-Y Mom

Is your Mom a do-it-yourselfer? Here are some gift ideas for gardening and decorating that she’ll probably enjoy. They’re clever and useful products that make a special gift for any handy mom. The best part is she’ll smile and think of you every time she uses them.

She Sheds: A Room of Your Own is a book of ideas found in 23 small spaces designed for a busy woman to read, snooze, be creative, or whatever she wants to do in a place of her own. Think of it as a man cave and you’ll get the idea. Find countless ways illustrated in sheds from around the world that create a well planned escape to pursue your passion. It’s sold online and at bookstores for $25.

The solar-powered Edyn Garden Sensor detects soil moisture, humidity and sunlight exposure when used with its companion app on a cell phone. No matter where she is, she has access to a real time snapshot so she knows the condition of the soil. You’ll find it for about $100 at Home Depot.

She can take on any tough yard cleanup work with a Compact Billhook – a what? It’s a specialty tool used for trimming shoots and stems, dividing plants and any strong-arm pruning jobs in the garden. You can buy Fiskar’s compact clearing billhook for about $30 where garden tools are sold.

Here are two nifty gifts for container plants. Drain-Smart at makes container drainer discs that fits into a container and encourages faster drainage and prevents root-rot. (3 pk of 3×12-inch discs $20).

Pot Risers are invisible pot feet that support containers and statuary. They elevate a pot to prevent staining and rotting of decks and patios and promote better drainage. Learn more at A 6-pack of risers for 4-5 pots is $14. Both products are made of recyled material and are available at

If Mom likes painting projects consider any of these Handy Paint Products. Choose from a variety of painting aids $3-$15

Another painting aid that Mom will appreciate is an easy way to cover up a wet brush or roller in an airtight container until it’s time to paint again. The handy Paint Brush Cover ($5) and Roller Cover ($7) are available at

Coloring to Decorate is a canvas and frame kit of coloring designs for adults in sizes ranging from 10×12 to poster size. Go to for more information.

The new Black +Decker Garden Cultivator efficiently breaks up soil to allow water and nutrients to reach plant roots while counter oscillating tines prevent weeds from tangling. The soft grip, adjustable handle and upright design provide comfort and limit fatigue when cultivating. Works to easily prepare bare patches in your lawn before seeding, too. ($90) True Value, Ace and others.

Find the cost of hundreds of improvement jobs and compare the cost of doing it yourself with hiring a contractor at


Gene and Katie Hamilton are authors of 20 home improvement books and creators of, a website that compares the DIY and contractor costs of hundreds of repair, decorating and remodeling projects. Their weekly column Do It Yourself or Not is syndicated by Tribune Content Agency.

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