Save Money Removing Wallpaper

Oh it feels so good when it’s over. Removing wallpaper, that is. It’s one of the best examples of grunt work for a budget-minded homeowner. It’s not fun, it’s not glamorous, but it is easy and it saves you money when compared with hiring a contractor to do the job. I know because I have too many years of experience removing old, ugly wallpaper from renovating and remodeling houses. It seemed every fixer-upper we bought had walls covered with at least two layers of the stuff. If it was really old it was easier to remove because it was made of paper and a steamer would soak through to release the wheat paste and a swipe with a wide blade scraper removed it. But wallcovering evolved and became heavier and made of vinyl so steam couldn’t penetrate throught it. Today gels and scoring tools are the best modus operandi.

The idea for our website came from our years of working on houses. The site compares the cost of doing home improvement jobs yourself with hiring a contractor. Here’s our cost analysis for removing wallpaper Remove Wallpaper.
Katie Hamilton


Working in the Yard

Gardening - Make Work or Love WorkAt this time of the summer when it’s either too hot, too dry or too wet some of us question why we spend time working in the garden. The argument for gardening is a strong one that includes the benefits of being outdoors, physical activity and exercise, enriching the soil with nutrients and all while making your property more beautiful. But I left it behind when we moved to a townhouse and I’ve never missed it. As a matter of fact, I truly enjoy watching the lawn folks – Gary and Wendy – meticulously maintain the complex we live in. It makes me smile every Friday afternoon when I hear the churn of their mower and edger and look out my window to see them transform the lawn with their talents. I smell the freshly cut turf and it makes me smile even more. Many of my friends, who are gardening enthusiasts, can’t understand how and why my attitude changed and I can’t say I do either. While I used to love working in the yard pulling weeds and watching plants grow, now I consider gardening akin to make-work. It keeps you busy, but at what expense? I think of all the chemicals I’ve worked into the soil over the years and water wasted and wonder what harmful effects they might have on the environment in the future. I think I’d rather get my physical exercise at the local YMCA with others than being isolated in my yard. I think of all the work I’ve put into gardening only to repeat it several times each season. As I get older I see the value of my time and think it’s better spent doing things that have more meaning to me.

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Decorating Home and Garden Hints and Tips

Front Door Facelifts that Stop Traffic

Gene and Katie Hamilton
Gene and Katie Hamilton

Try these easy quick fixes that will enhance your front entry. No matter what season it is, these inexpensive ideas will create an inviting entrance.

A fresh coat of paint ($30) on the front door is one way to make a statement and turn the heads of passers-by. Use a good quality exterior paint to withstand the weather for best results. Doesn’t need paint? Give the front door and storm door a good washing to remove the build up of daily dirt and grime that accumulates.

You don’t need to replace the exterior light at the front entry, but it does go a long way to define the space with a new fixture. If nothing else, replace the bulb in the old fixture so it provides a bright light for visitors who may have difficulty negotiating the entry stairs.

A $15 new door mat makes a marked improvement over the old worn one and creates a fresh look and appeal. I find the best selection of bargain priced mats at home centers.

Replacing the house numbers is another upgrade that looks good and helps visitors locate your address. If nothing else, clean up the existing ones.

Depending on the weather and where you live, add a container of colorful flowers or basket of pine cones.

If leaves accumulate at your front door make a note to regularly sweep them away along with the dirt they attract.

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