The Differences Between Do-It-Yourself and Do-It-For-Me Homeowners

Gene and Katie Hamilton

Gene and Katie Hamilton


A recent survey by the Home Projects Council (HPC) suggests that homeowners interested in reducing the cost of home improvement projects replace their do-it-for-me (DIFM) habits with improved do-it-yourself (DIY) skills. The online survey of 514 found that DIY homeowners (45% of respondents) spent less financially doing their last home improvement project than DIFM homeowners (55% of respondents) spent hiring a professional to do their last project. The survey also indicated that a homeowner’s home improvement skill level was directly related to the size, complexity and spending on a project.

Home Improvement Project Skill Level

                                                            DIY Homeowners          DIFM Homeowners

Novice                                                  25%                              75%

Intermediate                                      53%                              47%

Expert                                                  75%                              25%

Spending on Last Home Improvement Project

                                                            <$500                           >$1,000

DIY Homeowners                                  57%                              28%

DIFM Homeowners                                8%                               80%

“There is a clear correlation between a homeowner’s capabilities and the DIY home improvement projects they’re comfortable attempting,” said Frank Owens, vice president of marketing for The QUIKRETE® Companies. “The more advanced their skills, the greater number and variety of projects they can complete without a professional. With so many resources available, every homeowner truly has the opportunity to enhance their home improvement skill, which ultimately saves money that can be spent on other things.”

Despite cost being the overwhelming factor for DIY homeowners, the survey indicates that hiring a professional will continue for more complex home improvement projects. In fact, 53% of DIFM homeowners claimed that no amount of financial savings would have compelled them to do their last home improvement project without the paid services of a professional.

Whether you’re a DIYer or a DIFMer, visit us at to compare the cost of doing a project yourself with hiring a contractor.


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