December Home Maintenance Checklist

December Home To Do Checklist


There’s plenty of things to do around the house in December to prepare for the holidays – cleaning, entertaining, gift buying, gift wrapping, not to mention food shopping, tree trimming and decorations.

Before you get overwhelmed take a look at these 6 very basic tasks to keep your home systems working at this very busy time of year.

  • Replace filters in heating system and humidifier
  • Clean out refrigerator
  • Clean range and oven
  • Sharpen cutlery
  • Tune up fireplace or wood stove
  • Inspect indoor and outdoor Christmas decorations and inspect lights and extension cords to see if replacements are needed

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crossword puzzle Thanksgiving crossword puzzle Turkey Time crossword puzzle

Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzle for the Family

Tired of watching football games? Are the kids looking bored and need a little quality time with you? Check out our Thanksgiving crossword puzzle and work it with them. It’s an enjoyable exercise to baffle and befuddle that you can print out and work with a pencil or go interactive and work it out online. Turkey Time

Wherever you are we hope you enjoy the holiday with loved ones.



Replace a Basement Cellar Door

diy134aA direct entrance to a basement is appealing for several reasons. You’ll know what we mean if you replace your furnace or hot water heater and have to manhandle the old monsters up the stairs and through the house to get rid of them. The same is true if you’re replacing an old clothes washer and dryer with new ones. A sturdy new basement cellar door provides an easy opening and direct access – not to mention an emergency exit – for a basement, so it’s a popular replacement project in many old homes.

A contractor will charge $1448 to install a cellar door which includes the labor and material. You can buy the unit for $700 and install it yourself, saving 51 percent. Budget more money if repair work on the existing stairs and concrete frame around the stairway is needed which can be scheduled when the old door is removed and before the new one is installed.

To find the correct size, you need to measure the width of the area inside the stairway walls. Use a manufacturer’s site for help sizing a cellar door or take the dimensions to a lumberyard or home center where cellar door units are sold. The installation involves several steps: removing the old doors, assembling the new unit, repairing any concrete (if necessary), and drilling holes and then fastening the new unit in place.

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November home checklist

Do It In November Home Checklist


The end of the year is not far behind and so is a change in the weather. If the temperatures is changing to cooler and colder where you live, it’s a good idea to prepare for winter weather. The items for this month combine 7 basic cleaning jobs and inspections with specific suggestions for cold weather climates. If you live in a warm climate it’s still a good idea to look at these items especially the ones at the top of the list which will assure your heating and cooling system will work to peak capacity.  If you live in warmer climate, forget about those items specific to cold weather and concentrate on making your home clean and comfortable.

Replace filters in heating system and humidifier because dirty filters trap dust

Clean carpeting, upholstered furniture and draperies

Plug air leaks in siding or foundation with spray foam insulation

Insulate crawlspace walls

Inspect exterior lights and outlets

Mark driveway with stakes for snow

Tune up snow shovel and snowblower

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