Paint a White Board Wall at Home

Paint a White Board Wall
Anyone who uses a white board at work knows how easy it is to write, edit, erase and redo on the writeable and erasable surface. You can create your own white board in any room in your house using a dry erase coating on a clean surface. Make a calendar in the kitchen or a family message center on the back of a door. Let the kids be creative in a wall in their room, or create a white board in your home office.

A painter will charge $170 to apply a dry erase coating like Sketch Pad, a two-part water-based coating with a high gloss finish. You can buy the 1-quart kit by Sherwin-Williams for $55, which covers approximately 50 square feet. This kit includes the two components you mix together, a foam mini roller, a frame, tray and instructions. The water-based formula cleans up with soap and water, and when it’s time for a change you can just scuff sand, prime and paint over the marking surface.

Find the cost of hundreds of improvement jobs at and compare doing it yourself with hiring a contractor.

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