September Home Maintenance

September Home Maintenance Checklist 9-4

Gene and Katie Hamilton
Gene and Katie Hamilton
    • Kids may be back in school but homeowners get no recess from maintaining their property. Review this list of 10 chores below. They are basic inspections and routines to follow, but no homework is required. Walk around the house inside and make these basic inspections and replacements.

Colder temperatures may not be too far in the distance so prepare for it now. Take the necessary steps to keep the landscape thriving and manageable as cooler air sweeps in. No matter where you live north – south – east – west, it’s important to prepare for a change in the weather.

    • Clean rugs and rotate for even wear
    • Inspect door and window hardware and mechanisms
    • Check fire extinguisher
    • Lubricate, test and clean sump pump in basement or crawl space
    • Lay in supply of firewood
    • Clear outdoor vent of lint build up in clothes dryer
    • Vacuum and clean baseboard heaters, returns and grates
    • Trim shrubbery away from siding
    • Maintain lawn and garden beds by watering, mowing and weeding

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DIY garage updates Painting

Spray Paint a Garage for a Fresh Facelift

Spray Paint a Garage

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for even the most ordinary garage. To make short work of the job, consider spraying on the paint instead of brushing or rolling it. The open expanse of wood siding on a one-story garage is the perfect target for a paint sprayer because there’s little masking needed, often the most time-consuming phase of the job.

Finding a paint contractor for such a small job may be difficult. If you’re successful, they’ll charge almost $1,128 to spray paint a typical one-story, two-car garage, but you can do the job for $115, the cost of the paint and primer and renting an airless sprayer. You’ll also need a paintbrush, wide masking tape, drop cloths, hand scraper, sandpaper, garden hose and ladder.

The project involves preparing the siding, which can be as simple as giving it a quick spray from a garden hose, to scraping and sanding any chipped or damaged surfaces. Lay down drop cloths to protect any shrubbery or plantings around the garage from scraped off paint chips. Protect any trim with wide masking tape, then prime any bare wood or repaired areas. Sand the areas so they’re smooth and you’re ready to paint.

When you’re at the rental center, ask for directions to operate the sprayer, especially the adjustable nozzle.

When you’re choosing an exterior paint color for the siding of a garage or house remember it will appear a shade or two darker or more intense than it appears on the paint chart. A color on a large broad expense of siding is bolder and more vibrant than it is on the small sample.

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August Home Checklist

AUGUST Home Maintenance Checklist

Gene and Katie Hamilton
Gene and Katie Hamilton

Before you head out on vacation take a look at this rundown of 11 items. You’ll see it’s mostly about inspecting and cleaning,which are important things to keep your house orderly and its systems working.

**Replace air conditioner filter
**Inspect for open joints around windows and caulk
**Inspect for gaps around doors and thresholds and weatherstrip
**Vacuum coils of refrigerator condenser
**Turn mattresses and upholstered furniture cushions
**Sharpen blades of garbage disposer with ice cubes and refreshen with lemon
**Clean pet area and accessories
**Make calls to have furnace tune up and heating ducts cleaned
**Flush whirlpool pump to remove bacteria and mineral build-up
**Sharpen lawn mower blade

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