Monthly Maintenance Checklist

JUNE Home Checklist

Gene and Katie Hamilton
Gene and Katie Hamilton

This is a busy time of year with graduations, family events and change of season chores, but use this list of 10 items – basically cleaning, maintaining and inspecting – to get off to a good summer of enjoying your home.

Some of these items are quickies, like giving the well-used garbage cans a good washing so it’s clean and odorless or replacing an Air Conditioner filter so the unit works efficiently. Others take a little time, like power washing the siding and cleaning out the garage. All the chores will keep your home and all its systems running smooth and efficiently throughout the season.


* Replace air conditioner filter
* Clean out and organize the basement
* Wash bedspreads and blankets
* Clean garbage cans
* Inspect electrical cords and plugs for signs of wear
* Check the color of the flame on gas water heater and range
* Inspect exterior exposed pipes for leaks and corrosion
* Clean dirty or mildew-covered siding and deck with a power washer
* Inspect and tune up garage door and opener mechanism and rubber seal gasket on bottom of the door
* Maintain lawn and garden beds by watering, mowing and weeding

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New Tricks with a Self-learning Thermostat

Gene and Katie Hamilton
Gene and Katie Hamilton

I don’t remember Fred Flintstone having one of these in his house, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he did. It’s a thermostat that can learn about your daily living habits and adjust the climate in your home so it’s always the temperature you prefer. The idea is that a thermostat can automatically adjust to what you’re doing from day to day and react to your actual behavior.

The Eversense system is designed to turn the heat or air conditioning down when the last person in a household has left for the day, that being determined by the last mobile phone leaving. The thermostat senses when a person with a phone returns and turns up the heat or cooling. Users can set up a proximity zone and when they cross into it with their phone say, 10 miles from home the device knows and sets the home heating or cooling system based on that person’s preset preferences.

A heating contractor or electrician will install the device for $425, which includes the thermostat and labor. You can buy the device for $295 and install it yourself.

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Garage Sale Yard Sale

Yard Sale Advice – Just Do It

Gene and Katie Hamilton
Gene and Katie Hamilton

The thought of having a yard sale can be overwhelming but the end result is worth it – getting rid of stuff you no longer want or need. You’ll experience a sense of cleansing and renewal, not to mention the reward of found money along with being bone tired from the actual physical work involved.

So it’s not a question of should you have a yard sale it’s when. In our neighborhood the spring and fall are the most popular, and of course, when someone puts their house on the market for sale, there’s no better time to purge a household of its castoffs.

Friends of ours who are veterans at having yard sales schedule their sale with an annual community event which draws a lot of lookers. Then they take any unsold items to a thrift shop because they don’t want the stuff back. They’ve had the best success selling small items by displaying them on a table with a sign “Take any 4 for $1”. Before the sale they collect bags, boxes and newspapers to wrap breakable items and quarters and $1 and $5 bills for making change in a money box. Since there are two of them they tag items with different color dot stickers so they can identify and credit the seller. They say if you really want to get rid of something price it 80% below the original price.

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May Home Maintenance Checklist

May Home Checklist

Gene and Katie Hamilton
Gene and Katie Hamilton

There’s a lot to do this month to maintain your home and get it ready for a summer season of living outdoors and enjoying the garden. And after a long winter it’s refreshing and invigorating to open the doors and windows and work outside the home. Tune up, clean, wash, inspect – lots of work that requires time but little or no talent and tools.

Most of the jobs are outdoors so when the weather is right where you live, get outside and use this checklist to review the chores and inspections to maintain your home and keep it working. Snoop around, poke around and get all the nooks and crannies of your house inspected and repaired so you can enjoy the summer to the fullest.

*Tune up portable and central air conditioners
*Clean and tune up ceiling, exhaust and bath fans to maximize air flow
*Unclutter clothes closet and sort and store seasonal clothes
*Wash window glass, frames and sill
*Clean out weep-holes in window sliders and change storm panel to screen
*Wash window curtains and blinds
*Wash storm door frame and replace screen panels
*Clean deck and protect with sealer
*Inspect driveway and walkways for winter damage
*Clean out and organize the garage
*Clear outdoor vent of lint build up in clothes dryer
*Inspect roof for missing shingles or flashing and examine security of antenna and cables; see if chimney needs pointing or new screening
*Clean and set up outdoor furniture, cushions and lawn equipment
*Rake lawn and garden beds to remove winter debris
*Prepare garden beds and plant containers with fertilizer and plantings
*Fill in bare spots of lawn with grass seed

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