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Lighten Up Dark Woodwork


Many older homes have the details that make a difference, handsome wood molding surrounding windows, doors and other elements of a room. The downside is that the wood is often darkened by varnish that makes it look old. When we remodeled homes that molding was often the feature that sold a house because it added charm and character to the rooms. The trick was covering the dark stained with paint to make an impressive frame around the openings in a room. It’s not a quick and easy job, but it’s well worth doing.

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Change a Chandelier, Change the Room


Never let it be said that you can’t change a room with a lightbulb. We’ve seen many rooms radically improved at a relatively low cost with the addition of a new chandelier.

In a dining room a chandelier can set the style for the furnishings and transform a ho hum decor into a smashing new one. A whimsical or contemporary design fixture can take center spotlight when a room has little interest or personality and draw all the attention to the ceiling. And a small chandelier in an otherwise ordinary foyer can make it more inviting while providing much needed illumination. Just walk through a lighting center and you’ll be overwhelmed at the choices.

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February Homeowner's Checklist

February Homeowner’s Checklist

These inspections and maintenance chores will keep your heating and hot water systems working at peak capacity, the other suggestions will keep the rest of the house clean and maintained.

  • Replace filters or wash permanent ones in heating system
  • Remove sediment from build up in hot water heater tank; if it’s warm to the touch, cover the tank with a water heater blanket
  • Clean the exterior of range hood and its filter
  • Clean range and oven
  • Reorganize contents inside kitchen cabinets
  • Clean inside and exterior of kitchen cabinets
  • Inspect the attic for signs of roof leaks, condensation or frost build up and clear vents
  • Remove and clean the intake screens of clothes washer water supply hoses
  • Remove snow and ice from evergreens

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Decorating window treatments

Complete a Window Treatment with a Cornice

Gene and Katie Hamilton
Gene and Katie Hamilton

If you’re prone to being a minimalist in your decorating scheme bulky window treatments with draperies are not your style. You’re probably more partial to a straight forward shade or shutter. To make it look complete consider adding a cornice as a window topper that although borrowed from more traditional designs, does a nice job of finishing the treatment. We like a wood or faux wood cornice because of its natural good looks that doesn’t steal the show. But a fabric topper can coordinate nicely with furnishings, it’s your choice.

To find out more about window cornices and how much they costs go to Wood cornice You can learn more about a fabric cornice at Fabric cornice.

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