Opportunities Offered by an Attic Floor


You’ll find untapped space in an attic but often it requires a solid flooring surface before becoming found space for storage or as a finished off room. We’ve done both in houses and greatly improved the usability and value of them.

In one house there was a backstairs off of a dark corner of a kitchen so the access was less than ideal. To create new living space on the second floor we opened the wall on the other side of the kitchen in a dining room making the entrance more formal with an oak stair bannister and spindle railing. The effect was a dramatic upgrade. After laying a level floor in the new space we divided it into two bedrooms with a bathroom and hallway that connected them. Carpeting on the stairs and flooring tied the new addition together.

In a rancher we added an attic stair unit in the ceiling of a bedroom and then insulated the space followed by new plywood flooring to tap the space for storage.

To find out how much an attic floor costs, follow this link to Cost to Install an Attic Floor at Do It Yourself Or Not where you’ll find hundreds of home improvement job costs to compare doing it yourself with hiring a contractor.

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