Do it yourself garage floor

Floor Tiles Fit for a Garage King


If you want your garage to be more than a storage space for your car and your family’s stuff consider an upgrade to the floor by installing new garage floor tiles designed specifically for the rigors of a hardworking area. The tiles are 12 inches square, sold usually in boxes of 10 tiles, and come in a variety of solid colors or with open grates for flow-through. They can be installed easily with a simple overlap and tap process, so there’s no adhesive needed. The tiles are made from a high impact polypropylene, so they’re a hard durable surface. It’s an amazing transformation that covers up an old cement floor and will be the stimulus to get the garage organized, maybe even paint the walls and ceiling.

To find out how much the tiles cost, follow this link to Garage Floor Tiles at Do It Yourself Or Not.


Attic Remodeling attic stairs

Opportunities Offered by an Attic Floor


You’ll find untapped space in an attic but often it requires a solid flooring surface before becoming found space for storage or as a finished off room. We’ve done both in houses and greatly improved the usability and value of them.

In one house there was a backstairs off of a dark corner of a kitchen so the access was less than ideal. To create new living space on the second floor we opened the wall on the other side of the kitchen in a dining room making the entrance more formal with an oak stair bannister and spindle railing. The effect was a dramatic upgrade. After laying a level floor in the new space we divided it into two bedrooms with a bathroom and hallway that connected them. Carpeting on the stairs and flooring tied the new addition together.

In a rancher we added an attic stair unit in the ceiling of a bedroom and then insulated the space followed by new plywood flooring to tap the space for storage.

To find out how much an attic floor costs, follow this link to Cost to Install an Attic Floor at Do It Yourself Or Not where you’ll find hundreds of home improvement job costs to compare doing it yourself with hiring a contractor.

attic stairs

Stairs to the Attic Lead to Untapped Storage

If you’ve filled every nook and cranny in your home and need more space to store your stuff look no further than up. Even a rancher with limited headroom in an attic can be considered as bonus space assuming there’s adequate framing to support a stair unit and flooring.

A contractor will charge $647 to do the job and you can do it for $220, but don’t even think about doing this job yourself. It’s a job for a pro because it involves cutting a hole in the ceiling, and cutting through ceiling joists and reinforcing them with headers without destroying the integrity and strength of the joists. Granted you’d save 66 percent by doing the job. but it’s not worth the risk of damage you may create.

For more about the project and hundreds of other home improvement jobs go to Cost to Install an Attic Stairs.