Today’s Kitchen Design Trends

Gene and Katie Hamilton

Gene and Katie Hamilton

Are you in the planning phase of remodeling your kitchen? If so, here’s a quick look at trends from designer Robin Wilson who has licensed her brand to a line of eco-friendly kitchen cabinetry and partnered with Panasonic. Here’s her take on today’s latest kitchen design trends.

The long held “Triangle Design” is still the choice for layout of appliances. That means the refrigerator, sink and oven are laid out in a triangle for the most convenient use.

Appliance-wise, gas ranges that combine one high-powered burner mixed with regular ones are popular; so are dishwashers that feature a light and normal cycle for flexible water use. Stainless steel continues to be the most popular color choice of appliances and those with an EnergyStar rating are strong sellers.

When it comes to kitchen cabinets the move to eco-friendly cabinetry is one of the biggest trends because it has no formaldehyde adhesives and is made with low VOC stains. Frameless cabinets are also popular because they don’t collect as much dust as those with molding.

Silestone is replacing granite as the preferred countertop choice because it’s made from natural quartz and is extremely hard and resistant. It has bacteriostatic protection giving it hygienic properties not found in other material. And the hottest trend in backsplashes is those featuring glass tiles that add a bit of sparkle and appealing glass effect.

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Gene and Katie Hamilton are authors of 20 home improvement books and creators of, a website that compares the DIY and contractor costs of hundreds of repair, decorating and remodeling projects. Their weekly column Do It Yourself or Not is syndicated by Tribune Content Agency.
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  1. I not too long ago installed our steam shower unit, the best item i’ve got a hold
    of in a long while, kids and family members think it’s
    great, just can’t see us going back to traditional showers again

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