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3 Top Bathroom Job Costs

Gene and Katie Hamilton
Gene and Katie Hamilton

The most viewed job costs on DIYORNOT are often those involving remodeling a bathroom by making it more comfortable, convenient and attractive. Here’s a look at the top three bathroom job costs that site visitors refer to when planning to remodel a bathroom.

Converting a tub to a shower takes advantage of an extra bathroom in a house that’s no longer needed or used when the kids leave the nest. A nice wide standalone shower is especially popular if the bathroom is old and ripe for remodeling and a sleek new unit is wanted. Cost to Convert a Tub to a Shower DIY $975  Pro $2,782

Tiling a tub surround is a job we’ve done many times to transform the old walls surrounding a bathtub. Removing the old surface and installing new ceramic tiles to the walls makes them attractive and durable for years to come. Cost to Tile a Tub Surround DIY $225  Pro $802

In many older homes a bathroom had a window in the tub area and over the years the wood or metal frame has deteriorated. A new opening glass block window designed as a replacement is a solution that creates ventilation and privacy at the same time. Cost to Install a Glass Block Window DIY $245  Pro $556.

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DIY Toolbox Toolbox Tools

Just the Basics Toolbox

Gene and Katie Hamilton
Gene and Katie Hamilton

As we try to simplify our lives and pare down our home and furnishings we also have streamlined our toolboxes and created separate ones based on the project requirements. On shelves in the garage we have all our painting tools and gear. On another we keep wallpapering tools. The plumbing and electrical tools have their own place, too.

The toolbox we keep handy in the house is small, it’s a canvas tote with pockets on the sides designed for individual tools so they’re easy to find. Over the years we’ve had several different boxes – everything from a basic plastic office file box with a top to a heavy duty plastic storage box designated for power and hand tools; it proved useless because it became so heavy no one couldn’t lift it.

So I guess we’ve come full circle and are back to a smaller, more compact toolbox. Here are the tools we’ve honed to fit in our canvas bag for making everyday repairs and installations: a steel measuring tape to measure any and everything, a hammer for hanging things, an adjustable wrench and slip-joint pliers to tighten nuts and bolts (and sometimes open a tight jar lid, a flathead screwdriver for installations, and a Phillips head screwdriver for installing everything that doesn’t use a flathead and a set of Allen wrenches for assembling things like small furniture. For basic electrical installs we use a needle nose pliers, a multipurpose electrical tool and a neon voltage circuit tester. A putty knife comes in handy to separate surfaces and for scraping. To cut things we have a utility knife, heavy scissors and a small crosscut saw. A small bullet level helps plumb things up and a 12-volt cordless drill with bits fills up the sack. And of course, there’s a roll of duct tape.

Want to build a tool box? Here’s everything you need – instructions, shopping list, cutting list – to build one Tool Box plan. We hope you’ll visit us at if you want to know the cost of 350+ home improvement projects which you can localize with your zipcode.

Do it yourself gardening Landscaping Outdoor lighting

Do It Yourself – Outdoor Lighting – Or Not

Gene and Katie Hamilton
Gene and Katie Hamilton

When friends added some basic landscape lighting they said they never thought of their trees as being such a beautiful part of the landscape. The addition of a few low voltage lights beaming up into the foliage created a lovely view of the leafy cover of the trees that became the focal point of their garden.

When we added path lighting to a garden walkway from the rear of the property to the back door it made for safe-footing and a sense of security when we returned late at night.

In years path homeowners had a few basic black fixtures to choose from but today there’s a nice selection of outdoor lighting fixtures that complement a landscape.

If you’re considering adding outdoor lighting to your yard wait until it’s dark, give the kids a flashlight and use them as spotters to determine the best location for lighting. A lighting center or home center will give you product information. For inspiration and ideas go to the American Lighting Association at
Click on “Outdoor Lighting” in the Lighting Your Home section.

If you add outdoor lighting I bet you’ll spend a lot more time enjoying the evening in your own backyard.

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Remove Wallpaper and Enjoy the Savings of Grunt Work

One of the best examples of grunt work for a budget-minded homeowner is removing wallpaper. It’s not fun, it’s not glamorous, but it is easy and it saves you money when compared with hiring a contractor to do the job. I know because I have too many years of experience removing old, ugly wallpaper from renovating and remodeling houses. It seemed every fixer-upper we
bought had walls covered with at least two layers of the stuff. If it was really old it was easier to remove because it was made of paper and a steamer would soak through to release the wheat paste and a swipe with a wide blade scraper removed it. But wallcovering evolved and became heavier and made of vinyl so steam couldn’t penetrate throught it. Today gels and scoring tools are the best modus operandi.

The idea for our website came from our years of working on houses. The site compares the cost of doing home improvement jobs yourself with hiring a contractor. Here’s our cost analysis for removing wallpaper Remove Wallpaper.