Gardening – Make Work or Love Work?

Gardening - Make Work or Love WorkThe argument for gardening is a strong one that includes the benefits of being outdoors, physical activity and exercise, enriching the soil with nutrients and all while making your property more beautiful. But I left it behind when we moved to a townhouse and I’ve never missed it. As a matter of fact, I truly enjoy watching the lawn folks – Gary and Wendy – meticulously maintain the complex we live in. It makes me smile every Friday afternoon when I hear the churn of their mower and edger and look out my window to see them transform the lawn with their talents. I smell the freshly cut turf and it makes me smile even more. Many of my friends, who are gardening enthusiasts, can’t understand how and why my attitude changed and I can’t say I do either. While I used to love working in the yard pulling weeds and watching plants grow, now I consider gardening akin to make-work. It keeps you busy, but at what expense? I think of all the chemicals I’ve worked into the soil over the years and water wasted and wonder what harmful effects they might have on the environment in the future. I think I’d rather get my physical exercise at the local YMCA with others than being isolated in my yard. I think of all the work I’ve put into gardening only to repeat it several times each season. As I get older I see the value of my time and think it’s better spent doing things that have more meaning to me.

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