Low Cost High Impact Front Door Facelifts

Gene and Katie Hamilton

Gene and Katie Hamilton

For a quick spruce up to your front door to get ready for Spring, here are some easy quick fixes that will enhance your front entry. No matter what season it is, these inexpensive ideas will create an inviting entrance.

A fresh coat of paint ($30) on the front door is one way to make a statement and turn the heads of passers-by. Use a good quality exterior paint to withstand the weather for best results. Doesn’t need paint? Give the front door and storm door a good washing to remove the build up of daily dirt and grime that accumulates.

You don’t need to replace the exterior light at the front entry, but it does go a long way to define the space with a new fixture. If nothing else, replace the bulb in the old fixture so it provides a bright light for visitors who may have difficulty negotiating the entry stairs.

A $15 new door mat makes a marked improvement over the old worn one and creates a fresh look and appeal. I find the best selection of bargain priced mats at home centers.

Replacing the house numbers is another upgrade that looks good and helps visitors locate your address. If nothing else, clean up the existing ones.

Depending on the weather and where you live, add a container of colorful flowers or basket of pine cones.

If leaves accumulate at your front door make a note to regularly sweep them away along with the dirt they attract.

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