Stocking Stuffers for Homeowners

The pressure is on for the Christmas countdown so here’s our take on stocking stuffers with a practical bent for any homeowner. Give these to yourself or to anyone on your list especially if they’re a new homeowner just experiencing the agony and ecstasy of owning a first home.

A small screwdriver comes in handy for many uses and SKIL has a new cordless palm-size screwdriver that fits in your kitchen drawer. The pink iXO driver is part of the “Tools for the Cure” campaign fight against breast cancer so it supports a good cause. For about $30 it’s an ideal gift for any homeowner. Find more about it at

The most used tool in our house is a utility knife. Actually we have one in the house that we use to open cardboard boxes and packages and another in the garage for cutting materials and odd jobs like scoring drywall.

We can’t imagine life without duct tape which now comes in an array of colors. It secures our outdoor furniture covers, makes a temporary mend in plastic holes and stopped a leak in food cooler.

A new homeowner shouldn’t buy anything without knowing its dimensions so a good quality measuring tape is on the list. We have several in different lengths and keep one in the car, the garage and the house.

Do it yourself painters accumulate a lot of brushes, rollers and pans and we like a paint spinner to keep those brushes and rollers clean so they’ll be good for years of painting. It’s a strange looking gizmo that acts like a kid’s spinning top and spews out the excess water after cleaning.

We’ve made the switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs and haven’t looked back, but they’re pricey which makes them a good gift item.

Every homeowner likes to explore ideas to improve their home so give or get a subscription to magazine – shelter or gardening, or both – to be inspired.

We hope you’ll visit us at and to find the cost of hundreds of home improvement projects.

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