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Laying Vinyl Floor Tiles – A Good DIY Job

Floor tiles are a good first-time DIY project because you don’t have to deal with cutting large pieces of material where a miscut can be a costly mistake. When the material is adhesive backed square tiles you have to make cuts but only in a 12-inch piece so if you make a mistake it’s not as troubling.

How much does it cost? A floor installer will charge $462 to lay adhesive-backed 12-inch tiles in a 12-by-15-foot room, assuming there’s no additional preparation work required. You can buy the tiles for $270 and install them and save 58 percent for your labor. Here’s a link with more information: Installing floor tiles.

Laying out the tiles and putting them in places takes less time than actually preparing the room because you have to remove everything including the base shoe molding. Then make sure the old floor is level and sound and clean and dry so it is free of dirt and grease, which takes more time.

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Challenge Your Brain with House Word Puzzles

If you’re looking for a mental as opposed to a physical challenge  I hope you’ll take a look at our list of House and Garden Crossword Puzzles.  You can print them out or work them online and test your word prowess.  If you like your house and garden and all things related to them I think you’ll enjoy a pleasant brain teaser.

I created them with Crossword Compiler, a nifty software for puzzle creators focusing on all things related to houses – building, decorating, remodeling, gardening and real estate so they’re all about your house and and garden and enjoying them.

Here’s the link to take you to our list of 39 interactive puzzles – you need JavaScript – for playing online, or you can print them out and sharpen your pencil


Yard Sale Advice – Just Do It

Gene and Katie Hamilton
Gene and Katie Hamilton

The thought of having a yard sale can be overwhelming but the end result is worth it – getting rid of stuff you no longer want or need. You’ll experience a sense of cleansing and renewal, not to mention the reward of found money along with being bone tired from the actual physical work involved.

So it’s not a question of should you have a yard sale it’s when – in our neighborhood the spring and fall are prime time and of course, when someone puts their house on the market for sale – no better time to purge a household of its castoffs.

Friends of mine who are veterans at having yard sales schedule theirs with an annual community event which draws a lot of lookers. Then they take any unsold items to a thrift shop because they don’t want the stuff back. They’ve had the best success selling small items by displaying them on a table with a sign “Take any 4 for $1”. Before the sale they collect bags, boxes and newspapers to wrap breakable items and quarters and $1 and $5 bills for making change in a money box. Since there are two of them they tag items with different color dot stickers so they can identify and credit the seller. They say if you really want to get rid of something price it 80% below the original price.

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