DIY Trending on Main and Mobile Sites

A look at last month’s most viewed job costs on and its mobile sidekick indicates different audience interests.  The popular job costs on the main site include bathroom upgrades like tiling a tub surround, and installing wainscoting, nice improvements to the interior of the house. The only how-to project to make the list is replacing drawer glides, somewhat of a surprise to us since we didn’t know it was such a issue with so many visitors.

The mobile audience appears more interested in outdoor jobs like building a deck and pergola, staining a wood fence and maintenance jobs like pressure washing siding and decks. 

Since the first of the year there’s one job costs that’s always at the top of the list of both sites and that’s installing  a suspended (drop) ceiling.  We think that’s due to the interest in finishing basements to take advantage of often under-utilized space.  A suspended ceiling has always been a great coverup to conceal the maze of exposed wires and pipes to create a pleasant bonus room in a house. Two more top views on both sites are removing a wall often required in a remodeling job and repairing broken window glass, a life skill every homeowner with kids should be able to accomplish.

These trends change each month, and tell us we have diverse homeowner interest in job costs whether they access the information on their laptop or smartphone.      

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