Home Safety

Gift Ideas for a Safe Home

Want to give a meaningful gift to someone this Christmas? Here’s our take on three safety-related items every homeowner should have.

A fire extinguisher should be in every kitchen since stove fires are a major source of home fires. I admit we don’t have one but we have the next best thing called Tundra, a fire extinguishing spray. It’s not big and cumbersome so it’s easy to handle. To use the fire extinguishing spray point and spray it at any type of fire. Keep one handy in the kitchen, workshop or anywhere a fire might occur to keep everyone safe in a family friendly home. You’ll find them sold at home centers for about $25.

A weather radio, with an efficient hand turbine, LED light, clock and cell phone charger via USB, is a must-have item for stormy weather conditions to keep you informed and cell phones operational. We like the Eton American Red Cross Axis AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio that costs $70 at Brookstone.

The best defense against shock for a handy homeowner working on an electrical project is a Digital Multimeter, versatile device that allows you to safely determine if voltage is present while you’re doing any electrical repair or installation. The one we use is from Radio Shack and costs $36.

Here’s a link to more information about these products Safe Home Gift Ideas.

energy saving Weatherizing a house

Quick Fix for Saving Energy Dollars

The first step to making a dent in your heating bill is to button up areas of the house that let heated air out like the seal around doors and windows. Filling the gaps around the movable joints on the inside of doors and windows with weatherstripping will stop air penetration and lower heating costs.

If you walk around the outside of your house inspecting the joint around doors and windows you may find gaps where cold air seeps inside. Use a good quality 100% silicone caulk to fill the gaps and you’ll plug the leaks from getting inside, another way to button up your house.

There’s a mind-numbing array of sealing materials to choose from at hardware stores and home centers. Choose those that are designed for doors and windows and its ease of installation.

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